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Downside Up supports families raising children with Down syndrome from birth to 7 years.

Fill in the registration form and get access to the following types of support: 

Information support

Access to the materials on upbringing a baby 

Access to specialized literature

Receiving books and a magazine for parents “Take a step”

Online consultations

You can ask your questions on the forum.

You will get the answers from Zhiyanova Polina, Elena Pole, Marina Ivanova, Vera Stepanova 

Consultations of experts at office of fund for preliminary record 

located in Moscow, 3-rd Parkovaya st, 14 –A

On your first visit to the Centre you will talk to one of our experts about the features of your baby and the family on the whole, who will offer you one of the following programs:

For Moscow residents:

  • For families with children up to 1,5 years there is a program of home visits and offline consultations in our Centre. When a baby gets a year and a half , he may attend group sessions in the Centre.
  • Families with children of 3-5 years can be assisted in placement of their child in a pre-school establishment in Moscow. Alongside attending the kindergarten, we offer families our collegial consultations. If a child, whatever the reason, cannot attend a kindergarten, he joins group sessions and experts’ consultations.

For non-residents, including Moscow region:

  • Children up to three years are offered consultations of an expert in early development and a speech therapist.
  • Children from three to seven years are offered collegial consultations with the subsequent plan of classes, recommendations for parents.

Psychological support for families.

The first meeting with a family is held by an experienced psychologist in any form, convenient for parents. Parents of newborns are invited to attend the groups of parent-child interactions and Sunday meetings.

Recommendations for parents of a child with Down syndrome:

  1. Pay attention to fill in the “postal terminal” field in the registration form. It will allow us to provide a set of relevant literature for bringing up a child.
  2. We recommend you to start with the topic of “Down syndrome” in the section “Information for new families
  3. There is a separate section for children of 7 years and more
  4. Attention! We recommend to sign up for an offline consultation with an expert at least a few months before the planned visit. 


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